Introduction to Conscious Sensuality language

Conscious Sensuality Leadership Training
Level 1: January 6-31, 2014

Turned on by personal growth, embodied sensuality and authentic expression?

Do you desire deep intimacy, conscious relationships and a more fulfilling sex life?
Excited to embrace the seat of your personal power and to cultivate your creative life force energy?
Have the passion to inspire others on the path to reach greater heights of awareness, pleasure and love? Ready for a new adventure?

… If so, then this immersive training program is for you!

Program Description

This course introduces the core concepts and practices of Conscious Sensuality, in the aim of deepening our awareness and actualizing our creative potential. It emphasizes tools to increase self-knowledge and to improve our ability to articulate what we are feeling and desiring, in ways that build love, trust and understanding. You will learn holistic bodywork practices that are grounding, relaxing, and which incorporate energizing, healing and sensual techniques. On a foundational level, you will also learn how to create ritual frames for inter-personal relating, which support your personal growth and joy. These tools for greater awareness are designed to assist us in making empowered choices in life, in our relationships and in our sexuality. This practice-based course places value in integration of our experiences, in cultivating presence and authentic expression.

Explore and Learn:

– Body as Instrument: Voice, Breath, Sound & Movement
– Communication and Intimacy Skills
– Touch & Bodywork Rituals
– Emotional Clearing Practices
– Meditation, Yoga & Ecstatic Dance
– Tantric, Taoist & Shamanic Approaches to Sexuality
– Hi-Vibe Nutrition, Health and Permaculture

Discover Hawaii:

– Sunset above the clouds at Mauna Kea
– Natural steam caves and thermal pools
– Tropical Permaculture and Intentional Communities
– Organic and eclectic weekly markets
– Bike rides along the stunning Puna coastline
– Coral reef snorkel expeditions
– Swimming with wild dolphins
– Chill time at nearby Kehena Black Sands beach

Personal Coaching:

– Discover your vibrant growth edge
– Set goals and clear the way for powerful manifestation
– Release outdated beliefs and embrace a new you


Robert Silber, Daphne Lorian, Amara Karuna, Baba Dez Nichols, Deborah Anapol, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Mahasatvaa Ma Anand Sarita, Amara Charles and Scott Catamas plus additional local instructors with specialized offerings.


The next Level 1 course is scheduled from January 6 to January 31, 2014.

It runs 5 days a week runs over 4 weeks and is comprised of 80 hours of contact time or an average of 20-25 hours per week. Participants will also benefit from one online coaching call prior the course and one in person session, included as part of the training.

Our daily flow begins with morning practices such as meditation, yoga and dance followed by the main class of the day in communication, bodywork, expressive arts and other aspects of the course. Afternoons are a mix of free time, plus weekly field trips, optional classes, and practice sessions. There are occasional evening events, movies, and rituals, some of which are open to members of our local community.

Investment & Registration

Level 1: $1800 + tax
Early bird: $1500 + tax (by Nov 30th 2013)

Fee includes tuition costs and field trips, plus one online and one in person coaching session.  Prices do not include airfare, food or lodging. Please enquire about accommodations.

You can download the application from our website. Please fill it out and return to us via email before being approved for the course. In order to provide quality training and personalized attention, attendance is limited to 12 participants. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Cancellation Policy: Registration for Levels 1-3 of the Conscious Sensuality Leadership Training Program requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the tuition, within 7 days of acceptance into the course. Complete payment is due no later than ten days before the training begins. All moneys paid are non-refundable. In the case of withdrawal from the course up to two weeks prior to start date of the training, any monies paid can be applied to a future course with the Institute for Conscious Sensuality, minus an admin fee of $200. Once the training commences, no refunds, partial refunds or credit toward future courses will be granted to participants who withdraw from the course.

For more info or to apply contact: or (808)965-2382

**Please Note:  This course requires a willingness to be personally engaged and present within the work. This work is often challenging and involves a deep level of physical and emotional intimacy, for which you agree to take responsibility for at all times. **

Conscious Sensuality Ecovillage

March 2013

We have purchased 25 acres of beautiful, fertile land near the beach in Hawaii for an ecovillage community.  Our mission is to create a community that is a healthy and enjoyable place to live and focused on conscious sensuality, permaculture, emotional awareness, communication, health and spirituality.

Our values include: Peace, Ecology/Permaculture, Child/Family Friendly, Body/Sex Positive, Autonomy and Cooperation, Learning and Growth, Sobriety/Consciousness, Compassion and Love.

The property encompasses 25 acres that was previously a fruit and nut orchard. The land is between 60 and 100 feet in elevation above sea level and approximately 500 feet from the ocean.  Five 3-acre lots totaling approximately 15 acres will be subdivided in the front of the property.

The land was bulldozed and planted in fruit and nut trees several decades ago.  The rich a’a lava is a fertile medium for growing fruit trees such as: macadamia, avocado, papaya, banana, coconut, mango, citrus, and many other tropical and sub-tropical trees. Many macadamia, avocado, mango and other trees are still growing and producing food on the land now.

Temperatures typically range year-round between 65 and 85 Fahrenheit.  Average rainfall is moderate at approximately 50-60 inches per year with slightly more in winter and less in the summer.  It is in the sunny, dry part of the east side of the island.  Most days are sunny and clear with occasional rain showers.  Most rain falls at night.   The amount of rainfall is perfect for growing most tropical fruits and is very healthy for people.  The air in the Puna district is considered to be among the cleanest in the world.

It is located 1 and ½ miles from the Kalani Honua Resort and 3 miles from the famous Kehena Black Sand Beach.   It is a quiet, off-grid neighborhood with some homes on both the makai (ocean) and mauka (mountain) side of the road.  It is a 20 minute drive to the nearest town of Pahoa and 45 minutes to Hilo which is the main city on the island and has an international airport.

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Intentional Community Living and Sustainability

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Robert has shown me that he is one of a very rare species of masculine; the kind of masculine that is emotional and willing to really work through and process his emotions. He is sensitive and able to respect boundaries and has demonstrated an ability to emotionally hold space and be present in a very generous way.


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Robert Silber 13-6554 Kalapana-Kapoho Rd Pahoa, Hawaii 96778